You need warm clothes and shoes when you are visiting the northern part of Sweden. 
Packed their bags with everything they need for a week of fun and adventure.

When mummy and daddy leaves for a trip to Vietnam the kids get to have a fun and cozy time with their grandparents in Kramfors. I believe that the kids are as excited about their adventure as we are to go away on our trip.

Fun with sticker books at the train.

The trip to Kramfors takes around 6 hours. Sometime we go by train + bus and other times we go only by train. This time we had to change from train to a bus in Sundsvall. Important to know is that there is no direct connection to the bus station at the train station. So you have to walk a kilometer to get to the bus. We didn’t know that so we waited for some time at the train station and we had to run when I got to know.

The sun is disturbing her.

Six hours on a train and bus is quite a lot for the kids. I’m happy that I have kids that are ok with sitting still and watching a movie or do some drawing. But even for them it was boring after a while… and they went out of battery. Haha!

So I’m writing this from the train back to Stockholm. I’ve been “traveling” for 12 hours. When I get back I have to pack our last things before we are leaving for Vietnam.

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