Today, Ylva and I had a super cozy afternoon together while little sister Tyra was at a friend’s house and played. We decided to eat Asian dinner together and then finish it off with ice cream.

Ramen noodles, my favorite when it’s a little chilly outside.

It’s not often that we get some time alone just the two of us, so we enjoyed each other’s company and our dinner for two. We took our time and talked about school and how it goes on the taekwondo practice before digging in on dessert.

Ylva’s social media accounts

Ylva has recently got her own instagram, tiktok and youtube-account. She thinks it is very exciting and we make videos together and I help her publish videos and pictures that she has approved in advance. She learns more about how to do it herself, but we have decided that she can’t post anything at all without permisson.


Yolo! Jag övertalade mamma att köpa glass på Stikki Nikki. 💕#yolo #levnudösen #stikkinikkigelato #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Lev nu dö sen – Miss Li

Ylva says that she would be super happy if she gets new followers on her new accounts.
Please follow her <3

Ylva’s instagram, youtube and tiktok.

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