Sometimes is just so much shit occupying my mind that it’s not even worth mentioning.

To quote the coolest Wild Chef-Erik ”De é int lönt och hetsa upp si’.” That means that it’s no point of getting upset. I’m not really there yet, but everything feels better after eating amazingly good comfort food. As for me, that means asian food. I had lunch at Eatnam at Odenplan, Stockholm to remind myself that in about two months we are traveling to Vietnam. (Whiiie!!!)

Eatnam no.6 – Banh hoi thit heo quay / Rice noodles with crispy roasted pork

After that we went to have fika at Café Koya, a small japanese café close to S:t Eriksplan, Stockholm. They have fluffy cakes, matcha latte and bubble tea. Pastries and drinks that are low in sugars with less gluten, but with amazing taste. Here I found peace to talk everything over with a good friend that understands. And eat cake… Thanks for today Yosh!

Cotton cheesecake, matchalatte and chocolate mousse cake.

It’s finally here! The girls first video. They have been waiting and waiting for me to get the time to edit the video.

What’s the channel about?

Ylva has been asking me to help her start a youtube channel during the whole summer. She wants to share her new experiences. I feel extra happy that my kids wants to share their channel and do this together.

Like the video and don’t forget to subscribe to their channel so you don’t miss the next video.

You need warm clothes and shoes when you are visiting the northern part of Sweden. 
Packed their bags with everything they need for a week of fun and adventure.

When mummy and daddy leaves for a trip to Vietnam the kids get to have a fun and cozy time with their grandparents in Kramfors. I believe that the kids are as excited about their adventure as we are to go away on our trip.

Fun with sticker books at the train.

The trip to Kramfors takes around 6 hours. Sometime we go by train + bus and other times we go only by train. This time we had to change from train to a bus in Sundsvall. Important to know is that there is no direct connection to the bus station at the train station. So you have to walk a kilometer to get to the bus. We didn’t know that so we waited for some time at the train station and we had to run when I got to know.

The sun is disturbing her.

Six hours on a train and bus is quite a lot for the kids. I’m happy that I have kids that are ok with sitting still and watching a movie or do some drawing. But even for them it was boring after a while… and they went out of battery. Haha!

So I’m writing this from the train back to Stockholm. I’ve been “traveling” for 12 hours. When I get back I have to pack our last things before we are leaving for Vietnam.

This summer i fell in love with an old cottage listed online. At that time our summer vacation was almost over and we hade spent 1700 km on a roadtrip all over Sweden. The last stop was in Northern Sweden at my husbands parents house and it was only a few days until we were heading home to regular workdays.
But then I spotted a small cottage with a perfect location in a beautiful place, and since it was close to where we were, it couldn’t hurt to look, right?


We stopped by a day later and the weather was perfect. The small hill were beautiful in the evening sun and the view was amazing with stunning nature around. We were only there a couple of minutes, but I called the estate agent right away, while we were still in the car heading to a beach in the area.

The estate agent told med that the cottage was unavailable and were going to be be signed and sold in a few days. We tried to offer a higher bid, but the seller was not interested and they just wanted to close the deal.


I called the estate agent every day the following week, just to see if the seller might have changed their decision so we could make an offer… but that didn’t happen.

The agent patiently told me that the deal was done and if something would come up he would get in touch. And as I realised it wasn’t going to happen, I grieved the loss of a dream. I thought of the beautiful surroundings, the location that was perfect with all the nature and still close to town. We also loved to have my husband parents and his sisters house close to the cottage so our kids could easily meet the grandparents and cousins. I didn’t stop thinking about it for weeks, and it was all I talked about with my friends and family.


A late night while I was working late I got a text from my sister-in-law, she wrote:

”Isn’t this the cottage you tried to buy this summer?”

Then she posted a link to the listing…

The next day, October 19th, I talked with the agent again. This time I wouldn’t let the cottage go. It felt like it was meant to be.
A week later we drove up to the High Coast to take a first look inside and then sign the papers at the agent’s office. What a happy day!


The old cottage built in the end of the 19th century had been in the same family for over a hundred years. The old lady that sold us the house had been living there since she was a toddler. We had bought a small family estate that had been cared for in generations. An overwhelming feeling.

This text was first published on the blog

JULY 20, 2012

We bought food from our local sushi place and went home to eat. Once inside the door, the contractions felt more and more and I had a hard time eating the food we bought.

I downloaded the app Labor Contraction Timer in appstore to keep track of how often the contractions came. The app costs SEK 7 ( $1) and is very simple, you can also use their web timer if you rather use that. When I downloaded the Labor Contraction Timer it was still not completely obvious for me if I had “real” contractions, I timed myself and reset the timer several times because I did not really think it was clear when a contraction started and ended. Was it the same pain? Is this a new contraction?

But after both me and my husband clocked the contractions several times, they came about 7 minutes apart and held for about 30 seconds. Each time it hurt very much and my sweetest soldier became a little worried and wanted to call the maternity hospital to see when it would be time to get ready to go in. The midwife who responded announced that the hospital was completely full at the moment and that my contractions came so infrequently that I could probably come in the day after, like they decided earlier. If I had to come in now they would have to refer me to another hospital so it was best to wait until I had three contractions in 10 min and that each contraction would then last for about 1 min.

The Labor Contraction Timer

I held out for as long as I could, but in the end it felt like the contractions were coming all the time. In the picture here you can see my last entries before I gave up the timer and started preparing to get to the taxi.

Even though I understood that the baby was on the way and that we probably would not come back until after she was born, we still did not bring the baby carriage that we had planned.
I was probably in total denial that the birth started and we just brought the maternity bag with things for the baby, our computers and a change of clothes. My boyfriend was probably also in some form of shock, after he had talked to the maternity hospital and got a clear sign that we should come in soon, but that we should try to hold out for another hour. So he called and booked a taxi to pick us up at 02:15 am. On the way out the door, he unpacked a “Mora knife” (correction: an American combat knife, he corrected me). I happened to see the combat knife at the hospital a few days later and was told that my sweetheart had felt obliged to protect his future family and pregnant partner and that he did not feel safe in the middle of the night in Stockholm. (He’s from a small town). I asked him if he thought anyone would attack us on the 100 meters we walked to the taxi and he probably thought it was as hilarious as I did afterwards.

We got into the taxi that took us to Danderyds Hospital and the maternity ward BB Stockholm. The taxi driver was very uncomfortable with the situation and repeatedly asked me if I was feeling nauseous and needed to vomit, he was rushing to the hospital and probably pulled a sigh of relief when he let us out of the hospital.