I’m sitting at Expresso House and I feel calmer, happier and safer than I’ve felt for a long time. In just a few days, many pieces have fallen into place. New doors and windows have been opened and … I have slept and quite long and quiet night without any anxiety and worry. It’s big for me!

This weekend I went to Torslunda Gård in Sigtuna for a day with a bunch of fantastic women I had not met before. Definitely outside of everyday comfort zone, but an absolutely amazing experience. Together we created a common and personal context, without the requirement of anything more than being together in the moment, here and there and sharing this weekend.

No demands, no pressure and lots of empowering and developing conversations. To collectively open up, listen and share things with people you do not know, and to receive only warm and friendly faces, a hug (many hugs) and lots of joy. Totally amazing! Almost unreal when I think about it.

Now, a few days later, it feels like I have a workout pain, I feel that I have not breathed in a very long time and that when I took a deep breath it hurt. My whole body ached like after a long workout, it was as if my body said to me “Finally you have found me again, I have felt forgotten for a while when you were stressed out and just kept going.”

Oddly enough, I just feel gratitude right now … thankful to my body for enduring, and grateful for saying it hurts. I will try to breathe a little more. <3

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